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Watch our videos to understand, move and feel emotions for better problem solving, happiness, flexibility, improved relationships, and so much more! Have fun and get to know yourself in ways you may not imagine!

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Count out loud for 15 seconds. We will do the rest! No more surveys, no more questions. As you count out loud, tiny fluctuations in the vibration of your voice have a lot to say about your current emotional state. And while these fluctuations are nearly impossible for the human ear to process, Vibeonix’s voice analysis AI does just that.

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Understanding Emotions

Closing the Gap (conscious and unconscious awareness)

This video explores the concept of closing the gap between conscious and unconscious awareness. It looks at how we can become more mindful and aware of our inner workings and how that can help us make better decisions.

You Are Not Your Emotions

Do you ever feel like your emotions are running your life? Watch this video as we help you separate your true self from your emotions.

EQ and Decision Making

This video explores the role of emotional intelligence (EQ) in decision making. It looks at how understanding and managing emotions can help us make better decisions, both in our personal and professional lives. 

Feeling and Accepting Emotions

You’re Human

Emotions are totally normal… and very healthy. Emotions make us human and serve as information we can use to learn how to take baby steps in the direction of how we ultimately want to feel.

How to Feel Safe in Your Emotions

Do you feel safe in your emotions? Only you can answer that question for yourself so that you can get the tools and support you need to feel safe in your world.

Are you Aligned?

Are you aligned with what is most important to you?

Managing Emotions

Avoiding Vampires

Avoiding vampires and zombies is a powerful way to move sadness or fear.

How to Feel Emotionally Grounded

Grounding yourself is a powerful way to move stress, frustration or agitation.

Taking Action Part 1

Taking action is a powerful way to move frustration.

Need help now?

1. Have you had thoughts of suicide?

2. Do you feel so sad or anxious that it’s stopping you from your normal daily activities?

3. Have you lost interest in hobbies and pastimes you used to enjoy?

4. Are you isolating yourself from your family and friends?

5. Do you suddenly not care about school, family, sports, or hobbies anymore?

6. Are you harming yourself physically or purposely putting yourself in danger?

7. Are you sleeping far more than normal or feeling tired all the time?

If you answered “YES” to ANY of these questions, please reach out right away to a trusted loved one or one of the following mental health resources.

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